The Wild Edibles Experience


Join us for a unique and informative experience in the Southern Georgian Bay area.   This  2 hour tour includes an expert-led foraging hike with Brian McLellan-Tuck who will teach you about wild plants and their uses.  You'll learn how to identify, harvest and prepare common plants for food and medicine.   

But this isn't just a guided hike with Brian pointing out plants.  He makes it fun by incorporating a game into the experience to see how much you may already know.  And then he finishes off the day by having everyone gather around and serving up a wild beverage.

Where do the tours take place?

  • Metcalfe Rock - along the Bruce Trail

  • Heathcote - our Beaver River Base

  • Hotels - onsite / Bruce Trail / Georgian Trail

  • Wasaga Beach - our Nottawasaga River Base

How much does the tour cost?

  • $50/person on site or $70/person if we go offsite and provide transportation

How many people are needed to make up a tour?

  • We can run a tour with a minimum of 3 people

What is included?

  • Guided hike with expert forager

  • Hot tea

  • Some wild food to take home

What time of the year is this offered?

  • Spring/Summer/Fall

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